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Warning: Hysterical Mother

Freud studied the hysterical women.. i'm  notgonna try to study the hysterical moms..cause
wich is much much much much MUCHHHH ( in case u have prob to notice how much it is ) harder !!
i tend to be hysterical myself, and actually like my sis :-)
but the worst is  my hysterical mother...
i already spoke about the school of moms.. mine chose the " hystericalation class"..
so well i love my mom and i'll die if she dies..but then we have to admit sometimes she KNOWS how to make me on nerve in 1/2 second..
even if she likes to yell and to insult ( u can notice she chooses and give some personnal insults.. for instance :
for my brother: dumbass, asshole,  skinflint ..
for me : slut, little bitch, manipulator and sure perfidious
for my sis: trainée, trollop, bitch, bitchy girl..
i just wonder.. is it normal?
u can notice that my bro has insult for men, my sis for women and me as i'm homo ( and soo lucky) i can have women and typical gay insults like"perifious" 
i know sometime i can make her on nerve quite easily too .. ( and yes i can tell her to try a diet, or take some pills ..) BUUUUTTTT i never insult her ( okkkk ...i do consider "fat cow" , " insane hurdy-gurdy " are not  insults).. 
and she says things !! oh my god !! more than the used " u take the house for an hotel" this is a nice thing.. she says stuff like "i m gonna stop to pay for ur studies, u'll live under a gate and i'wont care" sureee in that period of the fight i'm forced to yell" who caresss i'll prosecute you  in justice and I'll take you till u last coin of money.."..
and the worst !!  when she is loosing the fight ( because of our persecuation ) she phones to my dad ( he is policeman) and she said " ohh  darling , they hurt me , they insulted me i'm a pooor womann" and sure she said that with a soft and glamouruous  voice ( notice she never calls my dad " darling") ..
am i a bad son ? SHOULD I  say nothing and only answer "yes mom" ( u have to knowfor that special occasion  she insults me since two days, maybe she has   the  English who unloads... )are we supposed to stayall quiet  and just smile to her ??? i do wonder cause as we tend to turn hysterica ourselve, sometimes it becomes really hard .. and i just dunno how to react.. 

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ohh it was so funny reading this!!! i was very surprised (no really??? rotfl) to see that your mum and mine have common expressions such as "you think this house is a hotel and we are your infite wallets" mdr
ain't they all the same ? our sweet cherished darling mothers... the most hysterical person in our life!!
just' don't answer, act as if u didn't care (which should be the truth anyway!!!) that's gonna put here even more on her nerves and then she'll reach of point of histericallity (lol) where she can't fight anymore and she'll say oh what the heck!! fuck i don't care and then consider you've won with glamour... coz she lost without you saying a single word... la classe quoi...
other solution but i'm hesitating to say it coz you're gonna be scared just by reading it and you might a heart attack and i wouldn't be here to give u cpr (which is a shame by the way!!!): leave the house and come back from time to time loll
no this was just a big fat joke lol i know this not even an option... god leave the house?? how would u be supposed to live ?????? mdr

Écrit par : Julien (alias navetouille) | 26/10/2006

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