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Two fathers can be a good thing

You people should watched :-)

i 'm for the adoption for Gays cause i think we deserve it as all human beings..

listen it, read it, and admire :-)

tack to Daniel min lite sötis :-) 


let me say bravaaa to the fathers. This kid looks great but most of all he looks well in his mind and that should give those anti homo adoption something to think about!!! (if it can enter their stubborn narrow mind...) The fact that he's singing this song shows a lot... he's proud of his parents, they've given him all he needed and though they were two guys! one can only be touched by this song!
the music and the lyrics are really good! damn i like those scandissss rotfl

Écrit par : Juju (alias navetouille) | 26/10/2006

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