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Lyon is not as bad as i say ..

thats the Place Bellecour, the biggest place in europe..
u can see the king Louis in the left of the pic..SEE THAT BEAUTIFUL weatherr lol some mins after we have been forced to take off the pulls and to be like with a small sweat :-) ya yaaa
yeah thats my finger..heyyy i've never said i was a good fotografer lol
so this is the rhône :-) in the left of the pic u can see my univ :-)medium_photo_211006_152928.jpg
and this one is taken from the bus lol its L'île Barbe a nice middle aged island ( i worked there in a really good restaurant l'auberge de l'ile :-)
with the Chef  Jean-Christophe Ansanay-Alex :-) wich is really nice :-) a good Boss i can say lol i've worked there for 8 months i was 18 yrs old ( so the "gone" it means the child lol ) u can click on l'auberge de l'ile u'll see the website :-) its pretty close of my house lol like 5 mn in car lol
So Lyon is not that bad as i usually say..well sure the people are cold and the most dumbass( well still less rude than parisian ) but then not open minded..
and their accent..arghh
but the city is marvellous..i think u can live really well, the univ are pretty fines we do have the second  biggest library in France andLyon is the capitale of Gastronomy of France too ..so sure even when i'll leave this city, i'll come back with pleasure :-)( never say to someone from lYon i have said that lol)

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Should I write in French or in English... ? I don't know... Of course french is easier for me, a french little girl (23 years old...am I still a little girl ?). Ok je choisis donc le français !

J'ai habité à Lyon pendant 4 ans (moi aussi je faisais des études, de la socio-po...etc) et c'est vrai que j'ai trouvé que c'était finalement une ville assez jolie et culturellement débordante ! La vie à Lyon c'est autre chose...

But what is donc your univ ?

See you soon !

Écrit par : Scarlett | 26/10/2006

ahah u can write in french english spanish swedish and even arab lol
actually i never read my articles when i write it ( ahaha i shld coz i just read this one again and i'm how to say .. horriiiiiiiifiiiiiieddd by my english lol) well who cares lol i shld be hooooooriiiiiifiiied by my french too lol

well lol i'm in lyon 3 UNIV LOL hehe
ohh so u studied here :-) how cute lol in what univ? ( damn i shld write an article about that fight lol)
and where do u live now? LOL
KISS kiss

Écrit par : Brain's soup | 26/10/2006

Don't be horrified by your english ! Mine is auwful !

I study 2 years in Lyon 2 in Bron, and 2 years in Lyon 3 at the Manufacture des Tabacs !

Now I live in a little village of Loire, at 60 km of Lyon. It's very pretty, I can see the birds, the cows, the rabbits when I wake up and take my dog for a walk every morning... I love country life !

Écrit par : Scarlett | 27/10/2006

ahhh du coup t'as tout fait toi alors lol alors du coup laquelle as tu preferée? lol
une tit vaillante lol
ohh dans la loire !!!
une scarlett ça aime la campagne et l'authomne et le vent LOL

Écrit par : Brain's soup | 27/10/2006

Je dois dire que j'ai préféré Lyon 3 ^_^
Tu es en quoi pour faire des matières comme socio-po, HIP, Relations Internationales... ?
Moi j'étais en droit (carrières judiciaires) donc je connais bien ces matières (que je n'aimais pas d'ailleurs) !
Oui une petite Scarlett comme moi ça aime la campagne, l'automne, le vent...et le romantisme lol !

Écrit par : Scarlett | 27/10/2006

bé viii surtout le romantisme :-)
ahh surtout lyon3 lol tope la :-) c'est bon j'ai decidé que je t'aime lol ( t'as vu parfois faut peu de chose lol)
bé je suis en master science politique specialisé en Ri lol
ah droit carriere judiciaire j'ai une copine ki fait ça aussi :-) c'est sympatoche lol

Écrit par : Brain's soup | 27/10/2006

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