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L'Olympique Lyonnais: Always Win

The OL soccer( we gonna say football like in english from uk)  team  is winning all the championship of Europe.. they fought the real madrid, they wonfor 4 times the french championship.. and in the same week they destroyed the OM ( marseille team) and the PSG ( the paris team) ...
the funny thing is that since Lyon is winning matches in the european championship ( european ligue i think its called ) people from all places come to speak with me.. and again more weirdo people know where Lyon is !!!
damnn lolmedium_ol_logo.jpg
is the football a soooo FAMOUUUUSS game? and i was not even aware of it? nahhhh
the footballers are paid too much only to run after a baball .. i do personnally think that this game is a shame and that to pay people as much as they're paid is a shame..
but then in a way i'm pretty glad that thanks to that stupid and fucked game people in the world start to know some of the french geography ..  

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