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Iceland is a bitch

i Still thought Iceland was a nice country, close of the nature blablablabla

but then  what about the whales !!medium_baleine_bosse_003.jpg






i heard they again started to kill whales ..i know japan is also doing that but all of that is a real SHAME !!

i would like the world take sanctions against these countries.. economical sanctions ..

to me to not respect the nature is like to not respect the human's rights...

and maybe again more ..

i liked what fabius said .. i dont like that man at all .. but then he would like our country to have like the minister of environement the second most important in the gouvernement..

Roseline Bachelot was a good ministre, and actually i like most of her ideas..a lot of people was thinking she was just perky with her pink suits .. but no i heard her several times and well she was convinced about what she was speaking about so :-) 

but then the point is that, i'm not a left wing guy, and i dont understand why the environemental party is in the left wing in france, coz to me its not even related !!

 i'm a liberal in economy, conservator in some other points, progressist in some other and definitively for ecology ..

i think we shld erase all the political parties in france.. (and also kill all the dinosaures)..

It s  a shame to be allow to choice in some stuff u 're not even close of ..just because what u're is not representated.. i'm angry against the us not even for the iraq war ( this was just a proof of their stupidity) but for the kyoto traité .. this was also a shame..


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