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My new Diet : anoraxa

yah i've decided ( again) to start a diet..

well winter is coming and i have alll that beautiful clothes i cant wear for the moment !! so i wanna wear them !!!

thats my aim :-)

so as a new start i've decided to purge myself..

in one another word .. to stop eating that much :-) not that i eat that much i eat around 1580 calories everyday wich is nothing for a big guy like me..but only with that i dont loose weight..so be radical be strong !

i think anorexic people are really strong.. stockholm told me they were really weak..well i know some anorexic girls, its sound like a disease ..but i also think the fat people are suffering from a disease.. as if it was easy to keep the same weight, to control everything u eat..

and then how we call the fat or overweight people? the lazy weak people..

 I DONT Admire anorexic girls,i feel sad for them,but i admire models..

yahh there is a diff :-)

 BUT THEN i'll tell u if it works, i'm sure it can be interesting :-) 

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