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The Gouvernator

We all have been shocked when we saw the austrian mister muscles won the election of governor in California..well in the usa all is possible " u can do it" wld tell u nickkyyyy brand lol
and Reagan was an actor before being président... sooo lol
but actually after some time.. i can just admit that Schwarzi was not a soo bad choice..
first for the gay rights:Arnold Schwarzenegger’s veto of the bill to legalize same-sex marriage in California,
California gays should pause to reflect on exactly what happened yesterday, and on how far we have come in the last five years.

The news, taken in context, is very encouraging.

Although the governor vetoed legislation that claimed to legalize same-sex marriage, he also advanced the gay rights movement on five important fronts. While vetoing the homo marriage legislation, he signed the following gay friendly bills:

AB 1400, The Civil Rights Act of 2005, which adds sexual orientation and marital status to the Unruh Civil Rights Act

AB 1586, which prohibits discrimination based on gender identity in health care plans

SB 565, which amends existing law to treat registered domestic partners the same as married couples regarding property tax reappraisal when a partner passes away

SB 973, which amends existing law to allow public employees who retired before AB205 went into effect to add a domestic partner as a beneficiary

And most importantly, the governor issued a strong, unequivocal message to the far right: Schwarzenegger will oppose any effort to strip gays of rights and responsibilities afforded under California’s domestic partnership laws.

What a difference five years (and a recall election) makes. California has never had a governor take such a strong, unequivocal position in defense of gay rights.

BUT Also and AS IMPORTANT:for the ecological plan he is making.

sure this is related to his european mind..austrian like german or most of european are close of the nature.

he is the first in the us nation to make things improving, since Bullsh ( iiittt) is in power, toward the ecological system ..

so even if the governator is a republican, he is doing quite a good job :-)



california needed change... they couldnt have gone on one more day with this bastard of gray david. At first i was very sceptical about arnold but yet we do have to acknowledge that he's done a good job... and seems that he's gonna be winning the upcoming election since he is the only credible candidate...
btw it was about time california got a gay friendly law... helloouuu SFO, LA!! gay cities mdrrr
vive californiaaaaa i love itttttt there

Écrit par : Julien | 20/10/2006

eh bien Brain, n'es-tu pas au courant que cet homme au physique contesté est pour la peine de mort. Le dernier condamné à mort n'a pas eu droit à sa grâce...
moi, je l'aime pô, je n'aime pas ses films non plus
mais les goûts et les couleurs... A part ça, pour avoir une copine mexicaine qui a vécu longtemps en Californie, je confirme que ce pays est sympa (elle adooore).

Écrit par : Marie | 20/10/2006

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