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A description of me as a libra homo man??

"As one of the truly bisexuals signs of the zodiac, he is especially paradoxical in his sexual attractions. In brass tacks, Libra is prone to liking threesomes, of either the female-male-female or the male-female-male variety. Having a bisexual female partner is an especially thrilling possibility to the Libra, as the possibilities seem endless. As if Libra's paradoxical nature wasn't confusing enough, he's at once attracted to the straightestof men and the most ambiguous of women. Of all gay men, Libra is perhaps the least naturally inclined toward steady relationships. His attraction to straight-acting, -appearing, and indeed –identified men finds him hooking up with the most barely bisexual characters – “closet cases” – with whom he shares a homoerotic, rather than strictly homosexual, approach to same-sex contact. Libra can be quite the little male Lolita, precociously prevoking whatever submerged gay fantasy another man might possess. Like his straight counterpart, gay Libra likes to keep sex light and lively: Some of the manly tops he attracts push his envelope a little further than he typically likes. He is orally adept, though perhaps not especially talented in the deep-throating department. Sixty-nine is standard sexual fare for the Scales guy, all things being equal. A need for order and control prohibits Libra from ever being the consummate submissive. Instead, he might be described as an agressive bottom."

let me comment it lol

i'm not bisexual lol sure i do love to kiss girls, touch their breats and asses but that doesnt mean i'm bi ..

and i DONT HAVE A CONFUSING nature , bitch... who wrote that kind of test??

yah this is not new that i like the straightacting boys lol i tend to be scared of the queens and crazy bois..

ohh god !! this text explain why 95% of my bf were bi !!!!

a little male lolita?lol i love that idea lol sounds exciting :-))

orally adept?? god !!! ok maybe i like to kiss it .. maybe some other stuff ..but saying i'm an adept.. ohhh deep-throating.. yah i dont like it at all..


here is the point !! the last line lol i'm not a consummate submissive !! never !! everrr never everrrrrrrrrrrr

agressive bottom? lol yah usually i do say more dominant or wild LOL

Gay turn-ons: Younger males, straight, married men, models, pretty boys, long hair, scandinavians, mutual j/o, body contact, gymnasts, swimmers, surfers, skaters, marble skin, bisexuality, threesomes, artists, landscapers, (active) nipple play, low hangers, voyeurism, (passive) analingus, (passive) lite b+d, hairy treasure trails, spas, saunas, steam rooms. bonvivantism, soccer kit, players, (active) oral

damnnn !! i do love the SCANDIIIIS lol no surprise lol younger males ( sureee)lol long hair yummyy lol models ( why nooot lol) damnn dooo i love the analingus( ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww) 



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heyyy me too i love french kissing girls and touching their breasts and asses and everybody thinks im a weirdo because of it!!!!
rotlf about all the details about sex thoses tests or so funny!!!!
i too love the idea of u being a lolita lol
and once again no ur not confusing, this is just crap lol
what do they mean by consummate submissive???? i'm not sure i'm getting it right...
i'd have other things to say but that's gona be in private hehehehehe mdrrrrr

Écrit par : Julien | 19/10/2006

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