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Les films sur les Rondes

yesterday and today i've been watching tv ..ahah i'm still..

and like everyday during the week in M6 ( the 6th channel) They force us to watch some women movies.. u know things about love, beauty and glory lol ( glory holes?LOL)

yesterday we had the " une fille a croquer (1989)" ( babycakes)medium_affiche_Fille_a_croquer_1989_1.jpg

A NICE old story about a girl who loves to eat falling in love with a sexy boi ( well in the 80s mind)

actually the girl, Grace ( ricki lake ), is pretty sexy even with fat :-)i do remember her in serial mother :-) soo nice :-)

and as all american movies, its an happy end blablabla


and today, we have the german version, sure its not an happy end the girl dies at the end lol but the sooooooooOOOoooo beautiful Sebastian Stöbel medium_sebastian_strobel.jpg



 ohh please sebastian lol thats when u want, where u want , and how u want lol  yummyyy lol this german movie " au-delà des apparences (2000)" ( Hässliche, Die ) he falls in love with her..well its sooo romantic :-) 

germans are good in soaps.. thanks god they're dubbed yet lol


i like to see that kind of movies.. not that i'm as fat as an american lol ( it wld be hard lol or it wld mean that i'm brittish lol) i like to see that some people can love even if u're different .. cause there is a worst thing than being racist , its to be fatophobe lol

A WEIRD thing, why its still the man who falls in love with a fat girl and not the contrary?  

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glory -> glory holes rotfl: god u're a pervert

but yeah i agree with u the world's unfair!!

Écrit par : Julien | 18/10/2006

mdrr viii j'ai pas pu m'empecher.. glory holes lol
j'espere juste que tout le monde ne saissira pas la ref lol
parceque bon lol

Écrit par : Brain's soup | 18/10/2006

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