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La crise des banlieues

I tend to be more and more scared by what is happening in the surburbian places ..

first i didnt like the first time ,in the last fall when all people were tryin to burn cars and all that kind of stuff u heard about  ..


well i dont live in a poor place and maybe i dont really understand what they're living ..but i doubt.. not everyone is like them in the banlieues !

so why some of them  wld do what they want?

it seems that even the police has some prob to enter in the cités ..more and more policemen get hurted or even killed..

why? surely coz our justice is for the foreigners.. i tend to be again more scary by it.. i went in a trial coz an arabian robb me my mp3 and tried to hit me coz i wanted my mp3 back.. well he got nothing..sure if it was me who had tried to take his mp3.. believe me i wld have surely a lot to pay ..

right now we can do nothing.. we have to pay because of our history, because of the colonisation even !!

what a JOKE !!

to me the banlieusards ( people living in the banlieue) are citizens like all of us and have to respect the same rules !

their lives are as hard as us !!! so if they wanna make some changes, they have to study more and be more integrated..

can u imagine there are some places i cant go alone cause i'm white ?? do u think its possible in a country like France??  

is it normal that the policemen have no more power to help the citizens? to protect themself? 

DAMN in wht country are we living in? my dad was telling me that when u do arrest an arabian or a black they do pretend its because of racism !! sure !!!! we are all bad white people !!  BAD BADD we have to pay to have settleddd the world .. cause sure before we settledany arabian was living in provence or in the south of spain for decennies .. suree

pff !! am i racist? no i dont think so .. but i dont like the people who are not integrated and pretend to be or just taking history as an argument.. when history can prouve the contrary ..

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i utterly agree with u... not a single word to add or to take away...
France is a disgrace...

Écrit par : Julien | 17/10/2006

france ? no lol the french !!!

Écrit par : Brain's soup | 17/10/2006

yeah you're right!
coz france IS a beautiful country!

Écrit par : Julien | 18/10/2006

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