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Have u never noticed?


 Have u never noticed in the bus around 7am its already full of old people?? what and where are they doing/goin? we never know .. 

in the street when u're in late ( cause we are all everytime in late) u wanna run and no.. an old lady is walking in 2km/hrs ... and u're forced to be concentrated to not push her ..

sometimes i think we shld have that special day " euthanasy's day" .. dont u think it could be a good idea?

not but that video is a bit caricatural but soooo true !!

and they didnt show the ancestors driving !! damnn !! they say only the young have car's accidents !! thats because they never see we were too tired to drive around 12 kms/hour ( even the cyclists go faster than us) ..  

i do love the nice old people :-) they can tell u all that fabulous stories from a time they didnt know cell phones, h/m and nutella .. 

 BUT damnn !!! its a conspiration !! and when u know its soon the papy boom ... in what world are we gonna live !!!!


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