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La diversité de la France

France still have been a country of mixed origines..surely due to the several invasions.. greeks, romans,barbarian, francs,arabian,vikings,british..maybe thats why Franceis the most visited country in the world :-) we all have a relative from here lol

in theory, to me, a french is someone bornt and raised in France, whatever their origines,cultures, religions...

someone bornt in France but not raised here could not be called a french...cause he wont have that typical way of mind and way of reacting...

thats 's really easy to see..even if u're breton, from provence, lyon or even the crazy parisian.. there is something in comon..

Sure there are some differences between a breton and a provencal or a lyonnish with a parigot...like the accent, the way of eating, and even some ways of reactions ...for exemple to help u some...the coldest are the lyonnais ( u can try to speak with them..well try again) ... the parigot are the rudest and the dumbest ( never say " excuse me " to a parisian then when he hurts u he wld think its ur fault ), a breton is the proudest of his" specific" origins( but no worries, breton are less than the occitan speaking people so no proud to have guys) and to finish the provencal are the most superficial ( pfff who is writing that kind of stupidities) ...

when i  do speak to foreigners or to a french people.. it depends on who i'm speakin with but let me show a little shema :

if i speak with another provencal people i wld say i'm an aixois ( from aix en provence)

if i speak with another french but not from my region( from paris,genéve or bruxelles for ex) i wld say i'm a provencal ( well i dont need to say it , they just have to listen me lol)

if i do have a more deep relation with a french i wld say i'm not that french but i'm a black feet ( for people who have no idea i'll put another post about it )..

if i do speak with  a spanish/german/swedish i wld say i'm french but i still wld precise that i'm a black feet ( wich explain why our food is a bit different lol)

if i do speak with an american/vietnamese i wld say i'm european ( and proud of it lol) ..


it seems a bit complex actually lol

i do love to speak with different people from france it still so nice to hear their accent, to see their different point of view and their food lol the food is one of the most important lol its so different :-)

actually i know why France is the most visited country in the world.. we do have so many things to see, so many beautiful places ..i should add some pictures .. the only weird thing is that why, me being french, i do know more spain or italia than my own country ..  

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et le nord ça pue???? Merde alors, les baraques à frites et l'accent ch'ti c'est bien de chez moi...J'appelle au boycott du forum mdr

Écrit par : thomas | 16/10/2006

lze nord?? lol tu parles des pseudos belges?? lol ceux que quand ils parlent ke meme avec de la bonne volonté on les comprend jamais?? lol ceux qui cuisine des trucs trop bizarreeeee

Écrit par : Brain's soup | 16/10/2006

des trucs bizarres...c'est pas bizarre c'est ta culture culinaire qui est limitée c'est tout!!! mdr
Sinon c'est vrai, j'avoue que pour comprendre certaines personnes c'est chaud...Le pire c'est que même les jeunes ont tendance à parler "patois"...
Bon j'vous laiche j'vé quer du pain! mdr

Écrit par : thomas | 17/10/2006

mon dieu que c'est hideux lol

Écrit par : Brain's soup | 17/10/2006

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