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AM i scary?

No but yes ..

one of my friends told me that today ..

 well this doesnt really amaze me .. coz some people already told me i was a bit .. how to say? abrupt .. 

but why to be scared of me??

am i a monster?

ok sure sometimes i'm a bit complex and my reactions are maybe not always .. logical..

but being scared of me??

i can also admit that i do have a strong personnality ..but is it a bad thing?

i do like who i am ..and sure maybe its a bit hard to understand me .. or even to try to understand me .. but heyyy we are all complex i think ..

i'm a bit shocked by this " im scared of u" .. as if i had no feelings, no emotions ..

OK OK mea culpa sometimes i like to be mean ..but only with people whos deserve it !! i promise !!

i tend to think i'm sweet .. even adorable sometimes..well i'm sure i know people able to tell i am .. ( damn i hope lol)

so why would u be scared of me? i also tend to believe i'm a smart boi, i can be comprehensive and i can try my best to get what u feel think believe.. that doesnt mean i'm gonna accept it .. but i'll surely get ur point ..

and i've never broken any friendships for a stupid thing ..( well dont tempt me lol)..

sure most people know that i do prefer hypocrisie than being direct.. hey its my way of living..and when somethings bore me i never say it in front of the person.. not because i doubt that this person wont understand, its just cause  i think its rude and that if the person is a bit smart , it will guess it by itself... 

then sure i do analyse each words people prononce..but i also think we all do that !! no? am i weird??

like when i do receive a letter why did he placed that word and not any other word and why in that special place what did he mean by that and that..

but i do think its normal .. so i'm really curious about who could be scared of me? and why?? i do want EXPLANATIONS !! 


i hope u counted me among the people that could assert u're a sweet boi coz i would undoubtedly say it...
about u getting what others feel or think, i don't know about others but with me i guess u're pretty good at it and that u only make me say things clearly (even when i don't really want to) to teeze me... tell me if i'm wrong!!
"then sure i do analyse each words people prononce..but i also think we all do that !! no? am i weird??" if u're weird, then i'm a psycho!! god i analyze, keep in mind, keep churning things out... i often think of myself as a psycho indeed mdrr
but final word i sure am not scared by you... lol
ps: btw, please don't surestimate my abilities rotfl ("he will guess it by itself"... )... you know i like u being franc and i hope u can make a little exception with me coz, seriously i need it (be a maitre soja after all!!!)

Écrit par : Julien | 16/10/2006

sure i did count u lol
coz i know u know i'm god lol
and for the guessing thin i think u' learnt a bit how to take things :-) lol

Écrit par : Brain's soup | 17/10/2006

you forgot an "o" darl'
i think u're goooooood not god rotfllll
thanks for the guessin' thing :-)

Écrit par : Julien | 17/10/2006

u'e not able to guess rite lol
i AM GOD bitch lol
i am everyyything lol

Écrit par : Brain's soup | 17/10/2006

yeah i knew you wanted me to tell i looked at u as a god!!! i'm not stupid please rotfl
but though i think u're good & sweet, my naughty naughty slut (avec l'accent british! paske je le vaux bien mdr)

Écrit par : Julien | 17/10/2006

damnn how can u like their weird accent??

Écrit par : Brain's soup | 17/10/2006

i don't know ... something about my gene..... it's so elegant, so stylish, so round, it's not monotone, it's lively...
i love the british accentttttttttttt lol

Écrit par : julien | 17/10/2006

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