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Mimie Mathy, Ange ou non?

Mimie Mathy is one of these actresses we all know..
i do remember when i was a child i was soooo in love with her :-) like " oh mommmmmmyyyyy i wanna see that movie with the little blond woman"  i was still so excited :-)
but then i grow up and mimie mathy was not so much on tv.. and she came back with " joséphine the angel guardian ", in that saop she is an angel over france ( but also belgium and french places) and she helps the people..  i do love that tv show :-) 
we missed something fresh and nice over the french Paf ( it means tv programs)and this tv show was really new:-) and a woman as the hero :-) and a little woman :-) really atypical :-)
well she never really disapeared she still have been with les enfoirés ( an helpfull association for poor people) but then ..
i do like her and she is from Lyon ( i just discovered that today in her website lol ) i'm not fan of people from Lyon but then a lot of good people are from here so :-) well lol c'est la vie :-)
one of my problem is that a lot of people think that first the dwarves are the worst people ever.. and that mimie mathy is an awful woman.. like soo proud of her and blabla..medium_mimie65fa.jpg
i read some of the comments posted on her forum.. and some people were saying that she answered letters .. so why people would be that mean? are they jealous?? or is mimie a monster of selfishness and just thinkin about getting more and more money?
well i also know she has like 6 or 7 filleuls wich is not nothing .. and i really doubt that she wld be the monster people are speaking about ..
but the point is that i'm glad that she is a good actress and playing in a so good tv show :-) its really appreciated :-) and i just do wish she will continue to give us that optimistic vision of life :-)  

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