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a Red Fish's Brain?


I Was reading another blog..when i got an idea..

well after 25scds this idea disapeared ( well it happens often so noooo worries mates :))

so i've checked and checked for months ( ok minutes but it was like months to me )

and this illumination came to my mind : i have a  red fish 's brain ..

cause sure sometimes i'm able to think .. but it never lasts..dunno why ..

thats like another explanation wld be that .. i tend to be soo joyful and optimistic !! do someone normal can be all day long?

i like to watch a movie 4478976453 times and i'm not even bored !! and i still laugh to the same jokes ..worst than a blond girl.. 

and worst i'm never tired.. thats like to be an energizer rabbit but just dumber..medium_chien-poisson-rouge-humour-animal.jpg

maybe i'm an human red fish.. except that the 24scds of the fish are my 24hours of life ..

damn can u imagine? this wld explain why i do like to study for my exam the day before,why i do live my life with intensity .. ( yes sure i dont do it cause i think i'm gonna taste a bus )..

so is it a bad thing to have a red fish's brain? whoknows? and maybe who cares? tomorrow i'll have forget the meaning comments u wld have tell me :-)


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