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how to make ur dad hating ur comput

we all have a dad who lovesss to come in front of ur personal screen and play cards ..

BORING no? ANNOYINNNNG !! in that time u are just able to think : let me be concentrated .. let 's get quietttt... he is gonna leave somedayy .. be calmmmm..

so i've found the ..sorry.. THE solution !!!

easy look at this =====>

YEAH sure this is my real screen lol
u can see my background with pariiiisss in pink lol the photofiltre to try to do my banner lol yes the one u can see in the top of my webpage lol and my MSN for sure lol yes i'm talking with jujube , i'm gonna do an article about her like in one hour, with etienne who is helping ( as always) and aurélie wich who i do study :-) only people i like :-)
so what hell can u think about that?
darling , its all pink and see the handwriting all in "pristina" style lol :-) all guys hate it lol
yet i've chosen to show u my screen coz i do think its pretty fun to see how people do organize their comput lol as u can see mine is like my mind .. full of so many useless things lol  




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Don't we all just love pink. Not the singer, well, she is ok too, but this desktop is the ultimate. It would give my dad a heart failure... then again, he does not know that I am gay. Point here is that I simply love the pink and the whole new banner at the top of this page... a job well done. I never knew clever politiciens had some graphic skills up their sleeves as well...

Écrit par : Etienne | 11/10/2006

34547512 hours for the graphic skills lol but i can say its inside of my genes lol
no all my family is a shit on computs.. and what?? let me believe i live in a pink world lol
but thanks etienne llooll
well actually for most gays i know they dont like the pink lol
but then i do assume lol and my desktop is the ultimate fashion one lol and what? i'm french ! lol

Écrit par : Brain's soup | 11/10/2006

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