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Wld u be glad to be me?

Stockholm boi, told me to write something about how good it wld be to be me :-)

well i tried :-) sure this is a cynical vision of my being :-)

but as the Lord as my witness, I swear upon the good book that i could be indeed a perfect televangelist !( opray for me ophrah!!) i think  i could be characterized by an extreme arrogance, self-assurance, and extroversion, don't i  would make a very charismatic leader ??(though not a very good one).

On top of that, I am also more intuitive than rational, this predisposing me to a more spiritual or emotional outlook on life. Thus, i am  thoroughly irrational, and i  tend to think that sound logical reasoning is overrated, and that it is much better to trust your gut instincts--which must be pretty big instincts, considering the size of my  gut.

i  also tend to be rather gentle and considerate of others' feelings. Clearly, i would make the perfect televangelist no?.

I could easily fleece people of their money and their dignity like so many sheep. Emotional, extroverted, arrogant, and gentle, I DO annoy the hell out of people who have to listen to the feel-good, intuitive shit spewing from my mouth( héhéh). Not only that, but people may look down on my as a self-centered asshat.

So  i am  gentle and genuinely care about others, it is quite clear that i still care about yourself MORE.I would give my life for an unknown person and again more for an known one, but dont think i'm stupid or naive :-)cause i am not :-) Why is my  personality flawed? Because i am  too damned extroverted, emotional, and arrogant.

So preaching my  irrational message, brotha-man! some told me they could assure me no one wll be listening !! a shame no? well sure except for a few bums.

But they just want me to feed them crackers and wine...

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I like this post. Mostly because I get to see you for who you really are and what's more, because I get to see you through your own eyes. I like most of what you say, don't agree to all of it of course, but you do have one very valid point: "So while i am gentle and genuinely care about others, it is quite clear that i still care about yourself MORE."

This statement is so perfect. More people in the world should be living this line. My mother once told me that I am on this planet to live for others and serve them. If this is true, what exactly are the others here for? Are we suppose to take care of each other? Surely not. Point is, we have to live for ourselves. In my life I have learned that nobody will think you are something, if you don't think so yourself. Take care of yourself, primarily, and if the bucket spills over are you allowed to fill those of another...

So what am I saying. I agree with you completely! And I like what you wrote, for you are not shy to be who you are. Dear reader, please follow this brave young man's ways...

Écrit par : Etienne | 08/10/2006

two questions
1. who is stockholm boi ? Magnus ??
2. since when do instincts come from the gut ?? yukkkkke
And then, yeah I mostly agree with what you said
Yeah you have the guts and the self confidence to follow your instinct and that's a good thing... very appreciable for someone like me!
and it's beyond any doubt that you're gentle and care about others!! once you get to know the person a bit.
and yes i do listen to what you say! maybe even more carrefuly that you might think. Not even talking about being considerate of other people's feeling... i must say i was really impressed recently to see how you cared about other's feelings (in this case mine)... not that i thought you wouldn't care at all but i wasn't expecting such nice reactions (i'd better stop here before you get the feeling you're too nice to me and become a mean mean blond rotfl ;-))
it was funny having your self describe your own personality, so i'd say Magnus, very good idea swedish boi!

Écrit par : Julien | 09/10/2006

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