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For my friends who live far away


i'm a grand traveller..

i've visited so many places..

so i made a lot of friends all around the world ...

and the life makes things changing..

my best friend élodie is living in bordeaux and yet we met in nouméa.

my other best friend nelly is living in geneva and yet we met in Lyon.

my friend cherif is living in paris and yet he is from alger.

katja is in sydney, etienne in namibia,romina in new zeland, crystal in hong kong, sakiko in japan, jessica + frank+fernando  are all in the us, my lovely jenn is from colorado but in germany.. jossefin i met her in paris and she lives in stockholm..

without talking of catherine from lyon living in poland...

i still thought that maybe we can keep our friendship in a good way.. i dont believe in the "loin des yeux loin du coeur"..

cause even if most of my friends are abroad or really far of me..i still love them think about them and i do hope to see them each time it is possible :-) ( yes yes elodie i promise i try :-)

and before that internet exists..believe me it was much harder :-) forced to send real letters and wait to get an answer :-) i did it with most of my good friends :-) and i still like to send letters cause i do feel its more realistic in a way .. 

i do also believe in the friendship online :-) like my good friend from aussie nat, chistyn, mark,etan,megan..

i would give my life for all my friends...

so i should thank MSN :-) Internet in general , the invention of cell phones,ahh yes and also the electricity :-) 

but then sometimes its a bad thing too .. u cant share a special moment or day ..u dont see them evolving.. u just try to keep in touch ..sometimes it works and sometimes not..and sometimes when u domeet them again they have changed..its a risk..

i'm not afraid of that..

but i should tell u that this night i was looking online ( thank to google) and trying to find my old friends :-) or girl friends like amandine :-)

i still check for the same people..trying to find if they started to come in the net :-)

so i know sandrine passed her administration exam, lisianne is still good in natation, ..

but i've also saw that my dear Flore.. died...

this so wonderful girl.. she was only 21.. i feel so sad.. it has been 2 years i was tellin her i'll go to fos sur mer to meet her again :-) we phoned each other for our birthdays..she was my longest friend..i do remember her when we were only 5 ..when i hurted her with my bycycle..THIS so smart blond girl.. smart and beautiful, i do mean it cause she was :-)

damn Flore i do feel regretfull .. u died.. no one told me it ...

For all my friends, this is a message to tell u even if u live abroad or far away from me..i  still have feelings for all of you..i will still be pleased to see u and meet u again ..in one year or even twenty.

i dont wanna wait for our lives to be over..i dont wanna fail again..

maybe i shld stop crying this mean nothing now..

ce message est pour toi Flore Madelénat, qui nous a quitté ce 4 janvier. 

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hey ma quiche rotie
i told u yesterday life is too short and u should always take the time to see the people who matters for u, that r with u in ur heart even when they are far...
as u said it msn is such a great opportunity... it offers us the chance to be with all the people we love at the same time from anywhere round the world.
with u ,i discovered how close you could become to someone just by speaking with him, by making small chat conversation, by sharing his everyday life and everyday i admire how i trust u, how suddenly you begin to matter a little bit more everyday, how i am getting linked to that person in the telephone (remember msn is on my phone lol), and u cant imagine how happy it makes me to hear ur voice (yeah maybe u can imagine lol i don't know) and each and every single day (many times a day rotfl): well i hope he trusts me, i hope i matter for him... so yeah i'm a navet lol (your navet) but it's only because i want u to know that each day even if it's one more day that we haven't met u matter a tiny bit more.
i hope i'm not being akwarder than ever, and that im not freaking u out... (i really really hope)
well i wanted to share those things with u and i never had a chance to do it, well indeed i really didn't know how to coz i didn't want to be all navet and akward and all that...
so when i read this article i thought this is it, this is how i could tell him all those things...
once again happpyyyy bithdayyy (shit it's too late, it's not even your birthday anymore but when i started writing, it was still ur birthday lol)
i hope you had a great day even with the bad beggining...
see u soon...

Écrit par : Julien | 07/10/2006

hey ! your best lives in bordeaux? et tu sais ou j'habite moi cruche de cervelle? dans le mille à bordeaux. alors tu vas te depecher d'aller la voir et en profitter pour prevenir calimero histoire que je te fasse gouter mon merveilleux mojito ! :)

Écrit par : Calimero-louisec | 07/10/2006

I have replied to this post once before, but due to my connection, it was lost. So this reply will not be nearly as proper as the first, but some things cannot be left unsaid.

I appreciated this post because, to me, it was an eye opener. I too have many friends and they are all so far away from me at times. Surle I try to stay in touch with them, but sometimes, time and work just takes its toll on the lives of friends. Friendships take hard work and lots of effort to make them last, indeed, but the this coin too has another side:

I know that friends will not be there forever. They enter our lives for a reason, some stay only a season. We cannot fight agains God or fate. Some things are meant to happen. Because the future is so uncertain, I would like to share my golden rule with you, the reader: Never forget to say goodbye. Goodbye might be the saddest word you'll ever hear or use, but we must never forget to say goodbye, for tomorrow might be too late...

For those friends close to you and dear to your heart; tell them everyday how much they mean to you and how much you love them and when the day desends and brings along another lonely hour, no weak, no poore for the hungry heart, assure them that you will always be there for them and close your day with saying goodbye.

Remember; friends are like pillars on your porch. Sometimes you lean on them and sometimes they lean on you. But came rain or sunshine, snow ar hail, wind or dew, it's just great to know that they are always standing by. Have you told those dear to your hart how much you love them, today?

P.S. Julien, I do not know you, but your words in this post has touched my heart and I was dearly moved by them... they made me think. Thank you.

Écrit par : Etienne | 08/10/2006

Hey Etienne,
Your comment was very moving too... i realised how goodbye was important because when people leave without saying it, i always feel like something is wrong, i wonder why. and when someone doesn't say it, i assume something must be going wrong! so i completely agree with you...
and btw, you can always make a goodbye a little less sad! you just have to add tenderness to it, and then a goodbye will become a joy coz you're gonna keep this last thing in mind and it's always sweet to have tenderness in mind... so we should always say goodbye and say it with love and tenderness!!

About the PS, I don't know u either, but it tells me a lot about u coz loads of guys would just say, this guy's a freak and think that this ""declaration"" is just preposterous... Cyril's reaction told me a lot about him to and about our relation.
You must be a great guy Etienne, sincerly
see u soon

Écrit par : Julien | 10/10/2006

Thanks. Hadn't thought of the image file. I'll have to shrink that, it seems.

Écrit par : moncler coats | 02/12/2010

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