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YEEPEE for the LAW Anti-Tobacco

i'm so glad to hear about that thing..even if its not a news.. since the evin law dating of 91 ( wich divided part of the cafés for smokers and non-smokers).. 
this law was a good start..
and even more when u know  LA France !! the country of les gauloises of camel.. a good producer of cigs isnt it ?
and what to do in paris or other cities than sitting in a café and smoking ur cigs while u drink ur café ( sureee DEATH TO the f**** starbuckkkkkkkkssss héhéhéhé ) ". The minister of la santé xavier BErtrand have proposed a new law . 
for the 1st of 2007, no smokers anymore in public places,it will be banned!! so everywhere like high schools ( yes .. our teenagers are gooooood smokers too), clubs , cafés and almost everywhere..
i just dont understand why its gonna take so long to do it..
every year 66000 french die because of smoking, and 5000 die because of inhaling the shit of the smokers..
and i do see people complaining "im free if i wanna smoke in the restaurant i shld do whatever i want"medium_tabac2.jpg
hey hunney, first we are all free, and ur freedom stops where mine starts !
so i dont wanna have a cancer only because u wld like to die around ur 40yrs old.
u shld see my faculty, for the break every hours,damn it smells..
is the university burning? u do evolve in an opaque veil .. do i have problems in my eyes?? nahhh
sure not its only the 2454754577577878778441456 smokers .. so sure i do inhale it !!
i dont wanna pay for the dumb asses..and actually we should make differences betwen tobacco, alcohol ad sexe :-) all can be a drug :-) except that to have sex and to drink a glass of alcohol everyday is healthy , whereas to smoke a cig is never healthy :-) well
 i already complain when i'm a public place like when i'm waiting the bus or in administration..
so then, i can just applaud that !! 

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