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Will tomorrow keep its promise?

Sometimes ..i think.. ahah yes this can happen even to a brainless person :-)


stop interrupting me bitch..wo do u think i am ??


nahhh then...u drongo...


i'm lookin at the world and what i see its maybe not the best of humanity..

as u know i do complain often on my blog.. but maybe all i say is just like a representation of Life is nowadays.. as u were born, studies studies studies then work work work ..

nah that i'm lazy " suuuurreee" but then .. i do wonder how the world s gonna be tomorrow?

for me for sure: If my love will survive? if i'm gonna have a nice job? if i m gonna live the life i want? or only the life i deserve? ..

but also for the world: will we live in peace? in a pink place ,full of joy and happiness?a world where the vih ( aids) wld have been erased.. a world where pedophiles wnt exist..a world where the french will be the superpower( ?? lol) ..

i tend to be deceived by the world..

i still thought that by growing up i'll discover so many new things, and i just realized how people were full of anger,of sadness..

where is the love?

where is left our humanity?

I DO BELIEVE in the humanity..i do think God creates us as him, creatures will qualities and faults but creatures able to be better.. 

we made so many nice things for the world.. maybe the future gonna show usso many nice things :-)

i do believe in the hope, i do believe in me, in you, in everyone.



that's such a nice post honey but now i'm afraid ur turning into mere theresa... lol

Écrit par : Julien | 02/10/2006

mdrr yesss i'm princess diana too lol

Écrit par : cervelle en compote | 02/10/2006

i love diana... symbolizes England... u know my passion for this wonderful country populated with marvelous people speaking with almost the best accent in the world....
but no worries i still love ur accent darl' lol

Écrit par : Julien | 02/10/2006

you pong mate :-) it makes me wanna puke :-)

Écrit par : cervelle en compote | 03/10/2006

euh, what's a pong mate ??
sure i make u puke , remember you said i was a turnip... :-(((

Écrit par : Julien | 03/10/2006

"you pong" = "dear me , we do smell dont we "

Écrit par : cervelle en compote | 03/10/2006

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