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Citroën : the new dream' car

ok guys :-)

i'm glad to turn 22...



I VE FOUND my gift :-))))


medium_cici.jpg yes so that s what i want for my brithday :-)

a nice Citroën !!! i still wanted to have my own c3 but the Citroën C-Métisse :-)) mamamiaaaa !!

i want it !I WANTTTTT !!! please i'll do whatever u want :-) lolmedium_cici2.jpg


 yes i'm a big fan of Citroën :-) the best cars ever :-) and this new one in the mondial of Paris , is  the most fantastic one :-) see the french constructors can make u dream !! i WANTTTT !!

see that pure and soft lines !! and the door !!!! all inside is made for the luxuary and for the comfort.. awww

medium_cici3.jpgwell it seems i've found the match of my life ( sorry guys lol)

but i'm a supra fan !! as i saw it , i was like " ohh my god" and yet as most of u know..i'm a fag :-)) lol

well yes gays can like the cars :-) unthinkable?? yes i like fashion, hairstyles and all the fag stuff lol but then i can love some cars like this one :-)i'm glad to see that the french are still able to build some jewels like that :-) the one of renault and even peugeot was also really fine :: VIve La france !! and our cars too !! we tended to forget to let our consumers to dream..but with this new generation of french cars , all is different :-)

Vive Citroën !! always the best :-)





i unfortunately don't have your narcisse but hey between me and a citroen, you pick the citroen ??!!!!!!
what a desillusion hunay

Écrit par : Julien | 02/10/2006

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