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The End of the Freedom of speech

i tend to be really worry..i know most of the french are for most of them just some cowards..

not able to say what they think because we have to stay " politically correct"..

i do Fuck the politically correct..i dont care of it.. First because in France thank to my "ethnicity" ( shld i remind u i'm a blackfeet= french catholic settlers)and because of it i'm called an extremist, a racist.. and yet i'm sure i'm more tolerant than 99% of you :-)

sure there are some stuffs i really dont like, and thats not because i say it that i'm racist..in France to be racist seem worst than to be homophob..

for ex: a black can call me " sale pd" ( so dirty faggot) i shld smile and say nothing..sure its normal :-) i'm a faggot after all :-)

but if i say something like " shut up dumbass" it wld be racism !! sure coz i do speak to him like if he came from the third world !! so it implies that i thought he was a nigger and that i was proud of being a descendant of settlers !!

far in the meaning no?

i had an affair with a tunisian boy during the " mahommed's scandale" u remember the  contest with some drawing.. and actually i thought it was pretty nice :-) not because i'm against islam, cause i'm not, just because its a contest and we could have done the same with a jew or a catholique! and by the way we all saw some drawings of  the nazi pope ( rohhhh  shld i burn for having said  it??)

HEY PEOPLE  open ur eyes !! they have done it coz most of the terrorist in the world for the moment have islam as a religion not because of islam itself ! so sure all the newspaper have the right to publish this drawings !! 

and yesterday in Germany, we saw that the mozart opera was not anymore played because of some threats from muslims !! what the hell is that ?? ONly because in that show, they were cuting the head of mahommed !! and what jesus had his head cut too !!! did we threat the whole germany for that?? damn !!

and what do we hear today? the french teacher of philosophy who wrote an article in "LE FIGARO "( yeahhhh much better than "Le monde ":-))) has been threaten by extremist muslims cause he critized the mahomed  " divinity" and Islam !! hey we are in France !! the country of FREEDOM!! and NO we wont let terrorist teach us how to live and what to say ! Thanks to our prime minister De Villepin to maintain the security here and for protecting the free thinker !

i think its a real shame to be that coward ! PEOPLE have died during centuries for us to have that right !! and right now because of the fear we are obeying to some terrorists?? HEY PEOPLE !! react !!

i do prefer to die being free than to obey some terrorist able to kill innocent people !


vous pouvez signer cette pétition pour soutenir Robert Redecker!


ce n'est ni une question de droite ou de gauche mais d'une liberté acquise qui se doit d'etre préservée ! 



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Je viens de lire que t'étais peut être plus tolèrant que moi...C'est n'importe quoi..Deja que je tolère ce que técris!!! mdr

Écrit par : thomas | 29/09/2006

expdr !!! carotte va

Écrit par : cervelle hachée | 29/09/2006

no frenchies are not cowards, they are dumbasses without any opinion. So what the hell do you want them to voice???!!!
I totally share your view about the different problems with muslim people. We're in France and we have the right to say what ever we want til it's not an direct and obvious abuse or disrespect to them. they want the whole world to obey to their rules and to consider them as susceptible gods but we shouldn't let them tread on us whether they like or not.
about trusting our Prime Minister and Mr Sarkozy (coz yes he is the Ministre de l'Interieur, in charge of national security !!! isn't he??) and think we can and should trust them and their services which are undoubtdly better than the US ones

Écrit par : Julien | 29/09/2006

une carrotte c orange lol

Écrit par : cervelle hachée | 29/09/2006

A famous Afrikaans poet once wrote:

"Man is born free and from then on, held captive by some forse at any given time..."

Écrit par : Etienne | 30/09/2006


Écrit par : fruitdom | 03/10/2006

lol merci pr le lien lol

Écrit par : cervelle en compote | 03/10/2006

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