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Oh my Gosh

i saw in another blog that u can check what people are typing on google to find your page..

what a surprise when you do read it ..

its again funnier than the google advense advertising.. ( yes they say it will be related to my blog... sureee i do feel like a seller of prostitutes  now( a russian mail-order bride pimp ) .. selling all that russian women.. )

withoutabrain 15,83%
withoutabrain brustlein 10,00%
pouff 8,33%
miss monde 4,17%
lena phili- 3,33%
adulte friend sex 2,50%
brustlein catherine 2,50%
stockolm 2,50%
alice 1,67%
gore bique wear 1,67%
hystero narcissique 1,67%
hystéro-narcissique 1,67%
saint denis du sig 1,67%
sanja tunjic 1,67%
sig ville en algerie 1,67%
%22jo%c3%abll- 0,83%
agua limon 0,83%
ariane brodier 0,83%
audrey jumelle 0,83%
barbara moultipass         0,83%

 HOW FUN isnt it?? I can understand the things about withoutabrain, stockholm, alice, st denis du sig, agua limon, arianne.. but pouf? hystero narcissique????? <=== who the hell knew that?? it ws a secret !!! i'm not that shit :-) who said that to me?? let me remember..oh yes ..the first guy of my life :-)  i know u read it Philippe :-) rack off :-) so it seems to me most of my reader are here to especially to read the blog of a brainless person :-) then to find someone in the family of the ass Hle brustlein, but also for sex, gore, and barbara moultipass ?? lol some stuff will stay a mystery for me :-))


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mdr hystero narcissique... meme google arrive à détecter ça...

Écrit par : Julien | 29/09/2006

ouais ça m'inquiete lol

Écrit par : cervelle hachée | 29/09/2006

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