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I dont wanna grow up

What a shit...

as u know in some days ..the 6 octobre..i'm gonna turn 22...

and only God knows how i dont want that shit!!

hey .. since my 18 i'm just so focus on that fucked age..does it lead my life?? it seems yes ..for what i remind,when i was a bit younger i thought that when i'll be 22 it wld be sooooo fantastic.. i wld go out everynight having fun, and i wld study and it wld be soooooo interesting ...i wld have soo many friends so lovely and the world wld be surely better ! naive? yes surely ...

instead of what i've been dreaming of,i've got a boring life .. study and in the worst major u can have.. harder than the law( what 's the hell is about ??)i have no time to go out.. no time to share my time with my friends.. and by the way most of them just live abroad right now.. and what right now they just tell us we have to workkk sooooooooo HHHHARRDDD just to get into the next level..and so on.. we have for the next semester, the memoire (+ the oral presentation), the classes ( + the homeworks, the forced classes( in small groups) and the exams of the groups + the final exams), we also have a stage ( sureeeee for 4 months+ the report and + the presenation of this report) and for sure alll of that in the same time :-)

IT seems that..its gonna be so hard...maybe i cant reach it..well i do feel it.. the teacher mister cumin said " ohh if u pass till now, it will be easy" yes sureeeeeee , and i'm the queen mom ,full of formol.. 

and why do i have a memoire?? <WHY did i choose the most complex major?? am i crazy ?? do i have psycho problems?? i guess .. yes ..unfortunately..

and for the moment, no surprise Mr Joubert was not even here to his class..it starts really fine !!

no but no..i shld stay optimistic..not everyone is in my faculty wich is a real good one.. and maybe if its harder my life then wld be easier..

i just feel so much pressure..like not everything is in my hands..i'm just dependant on so many things....thank God some people are so nice to me.. but then this year 's gonna be maybe the most important in my life and i feel like i'm not ready for it :-)

they shld tell us its gonna be hard.. maybe as my exbf said : " u are too overprotected" .. pfff dumbass 

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god!! what the hell was that about??!!
sure you're gonna be great this year... just as you seem to have been so good those past years... without working!!
so yeah you might have to work a bit but i really think, the harder it is now, the easier it will be in your future...
maybe you think i'm naive and so on but hey! i'm a psycho as well (not the one who said it he he)... so i unterstand what u mean... and i sympathise...
you just need to feel secure to accept growing up sweety pie!
no ur not over protected!! ur a little very sweet child that's all...
if u need me sometime, u can talk to me (u know that right?)

Écrit par : Julien | 29/09/2006

indeed i forgot the most important thing to say:
STAY A KID THAT'S HOW I LIKE U and ur the best, hon'lol

Écrit par : Julien | 29/09/2006

gnagnagnagnagna * think on britney*
i'm not a boiiiii not a yettt a big mannn lalalalalalalalala

Écrit par : cervelle hachée | 29/09/2006

c'est quoi CA ?? mdr (et voui, faut m'éduquer moi... encore tout à faire mdr ou presque euh...)

Écrit par : Julien | 29/09/2006


I know exactly what you feel like. I'm turning 22 in March next year and I too fear getting older. Mainly because I experience things like psychological discomfort when I look back on my life. Thinking, god etienne, you are almost 22 and never even been kissed before...? So growing up for me is a bad thing. I don't want to look back on my life when I'm thirty thinking; Damn, what if...

P.S. And I agree with Julien, you will be more than fine. Remember what I have told you - trust yourself, be positive, for in life no one will think you are something if you don't think so yourself.

Écrit par : Etienne | 30/09/2006

lol i'm thinkin i am a quiche lol do people think i'm a quiche?? the bastards lol

Écrit par : cervelle hachée | 30/09/2006

you dumb ass!!
no i think ur a smart ass but an innocent one, which is why u r u big kid and this is how people see u : an innocent and so funny grown up!! and i like that....

Écrit par : Julien | 30/09/2006

now that my d day is looming up i feel the same... i wanna stay innocent (at least i want people to keep thinking i'm innocent rotfl)... coz it's so sweet to be 17... yeah people say oh my gosh, youre so young, i'd never have thought your were under 18... and that's one of the most pleasant thing about being 17... (if not the only one...)
i wanna stay a little teen...
i really don't get how i switched from my previous state of mind (not bearing anymore not to be 18, and being so impatient that i happened to dream about it) to this crappy deppressiv state of mind when you count the days wishing time could stopppp
r people still gonna like me when i'm 18????
it's so common being 18...
but hey on the other hand (that i can see very very far, the small white light), i think that it could open up doors to unknow things... even if the 17 thing was a "mental" barrier........

Écrit par : Julien | 02/10/2006

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