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when school starts again..

gnahhhh when u think all is done... its just a fake thought..

so yesterday was my first day of univ ..yesh ..again..always..forever??

the good point this year is that everyone have changed of major or are abroad..

so i know like 20 people out of the 80 in my master ..

but i'm "buddy" with 4 of them lol yes its not a lot , all my friends have left meee !! the dumbasses..

but no i still have Aurélie, and Anna ! i'm pretty glad :-)

well today i shld be in school but thank to my mom, i'm sick :-) good, its the second day and i'm already sick !! so i'm listening no doubt to forget my condition :-)

i know that there are some foreigners in the class.. like vaniania or whatever her name, a german girl( blond for sure) she came to speak with me , no clue why .. when she said she was from germany i said " ohhhh germanyy" she replied" ohh is it a special country?" " ohh no germany iiiiiiiiiisss beautiful " sure and i wanted to puke on her face..

but she seems nice..

so the first class was with Mister Cumin, what a wonderful teacher he is lol i have a lot of fun and the subject seem really fun so i'm sure i'm gonna enjoy it..

 well go on.. i was in my bank this morning ( its not far thats why i can go , its not like the college soooo far away ( around 30mn of bus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and i was glad, my bankman changed, now its a bankwoman and a blond beautiful girl .. her name is amélie or émelie ..well whatever , she is nice and blond lol so she told me if i go to sweden all s gonna be good i just have to find another bank there and i wont pay anything lol i'm pretty glad coz like this mommmm wld be able to send me money easily :-)

so let's go back to the subject of this post.. the schedule is horrible..i have class the saturday till 3pm !!! a shame isNT it ??  andJoubert is the teacher of two of these subjects .. so 6 hours with the same teacher in the same day ..and believe me this teacher is the worst ever.. he is often absentnd worst, most of time he doesnt have a real lesson , he speaks about everything except the subject.. and his exams are still the worst ( remember it was my international relation with no lesson and the subject of the  exam was nt even related to the subject of the class) a shame !! its gonna be so hard !!

we do even have the theme of our "mémoire" u know the big  research rapport u have to give back at the end of june , so the theme is : "the usa and the international security since 1945" yummy !!! so i think i'm gonna do a thing about the implications of the us with onu ..but i've still didnt choose the part of history related to it ..

but then i have to give back my subject of mémoire the 27th nov so i have enough time to think about it ..  

otherwise, people in my class are not that pretty.. i thought we had more beautiful people.. more we go far in the studies , uglier people are... a shame no?

oh no the worst thing : Noéllie is inthe same class as me ! this bitch !! damn and the bf of amandine too !! i'm not afraid of him, he is just a guy , but this Noéllie wat a slut !! i wld like to kick her face or to push her on a car..

and my god the tuesday the schedule is 8am to 8pm !! can u believe it?? are they crazy? are we supposed to survive??

well maybe i shld register myself in the univ .. i have to think about it tomorrow maybe lol

sure i didnt coz we still dont have our results !! and its the beginnin of october can u imagine it??




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