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Cycy a tenté pour vous: les chats russes

Since a long time i wanted to know more about russia ,

so i've decided to try the russian chat :-) thank to a russian i know he introduced me to the russian net world lol

and believe me its a bit hard lol

first of all : u dont speak russian :-) so u try to guess everything lol a bit long but it works lol

my first chatroom "ultramarin " ! i survived 1mn25 scds !!yes a record and then they banished me !! only coz i asked if they do speak english !!!

"удаляет реплики посетителя withoutabrain" <== we have deleted all ur messages.

how nice !! even in France we are not that racist !!! and then"

Вам закрыт доступ в чат на
        несколько минут..."    wich means : u cant enter in the room for few mins !!!

yes they banished me ! but i'm not an easy boi lol i've decided to try another one lol

and see if the russian are all that assholes, rudes and with no manners as in this first chat :-)

so i've tried " gaia" 

and it was again harder to register lol but i had fun lol and now i'm speaking with nice people lol i never understand nothing but its quite fun :-) and i'm enjoying the time ! we even have a french sn : melle de chardonnay !! how cute no?

well she doesnt speak french but then lol we found one able to do it !!

enjoy this bit of russian chat :- )

 1:04:34 » XXXX: Agrado, а что такое?
1:04:35 » cycy: Plazkart, ah voui? et comment tappelles tu?
1:04:38 » Болгарин: черните очи, Мисля, че има, приятелю!!!!
1:04:57 » Арнгел: Daffy Mason, с чего звонить то?
1:05:03 » Agrado: XXXX, русский - не мой родной язык.
1:05:03 » черните очи: Болгарин, не се казва така по руски. просто завтра праздник, я высплюсь.
1:05:06 » XXXX: черните очи, да она всех нас забыла )))
1:05:16 » Болгарин: Agrado, :)))))))))))
  после чатовки ? :)))


You are cazy, anyone ever tell you that???

Écrit par : Etienne | 22/09/2006

c'est que tu t'ennuies vraiment des fois ou bien est-ce parce que tu n'as que ça à faire ?? lollol

Écrit par : ta naine | 26/09/2006

mdrr lol nah c ma curiosité lol j'adore voir ce que les gens se disent lol mon coté concierge lol

Écrit par : cervelle hachée | 26/09/2006

rraaaah viiii ! ce petit coté là que j'aime tant chez toi :p

Écrit par : ta naine | 27/09/2006

mdrr je me fais penser a maggie lol
tu te souviens?? lol bé tu sais ce ke cette Pfuuuuuuuttteee
etait pieds noirs?? c ds les genes !!!!

Écrit par : cervelle hachée | 29/09/2006

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