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Ségoléne : en tête des sondages

When sverige is going to be a right wing country, France will surely be a left wing one :-)
The perrson boy took the power in sweden yesterday thanks to the poor swedish who voted for the left wing during 65 yrs out of 75 .. damn !! crazy people :-) well we cant speak about a real left wing coz when u see how it is over there, their left wing sounds more like our center :-)
i'm just a bit scared about what they gonna do with the UE.. ahah as carola is singing all the swedish gonna survive i guess..they all "believe in love" ( too hard with their ice hearts) :-)
this right swedish boi( not even blond) seems yet a bit too radical :-) so we gonna see how it will turn over there, and thanks to me u'ld be the first to know :-)
let's back to our miss Royal :-) ahah our Royal miss :-)
RIGHT NOW its a sure thing i wll never vote Sarkozy :-) ( he doesnt even have a french name ) and i'm sure Ségoène will be more pro european than pro american :-) and this is the good point :-) so we just saw public rates this morning for the left wing party ( the parti socialiste let's call that PS)  thats she was the first with 62% of votes, before dominique strauss kahn with 30 jospin with 28 and jack lang with 22 !! 
hehe no point that she's surely be the official candidate for the presidential elections :-)
VIVE Miss Royal !
and to see a french woman leading the country can be a real good thing :-)and actually this is only for 5 yrs so :-) it wont last :-) 

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the only thing I do agree on with you is that it is a real pity that the swedish guy isn't blond.... rotfl

Écrit par : Julien | 20/09/2006

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