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Chirac: la voix de la raison?


This morning our président was talking on europe 1 ( radio) ..

and as always he said the thing he had to say.

You know with de villepin as prime minister, i thought Chirac lost a bit his mind.. but watching what he has done against the us.. and a lot of other things..i just feel glad to have Jacquot as president!

First he defends the values of France against the us about the iraq's war! he was the first to say the us has to do the thing in order.. first the us has to demand for a war in front of the council of UN. and this, even if they ( the us) knew that France was gonna say NAN.. sure lying to us is not the good solution to do what they wanted to do..

and second, he is for the peace in the middle world. i dont think the jews from israel are all right, and yet i'm pro israelian. thats not because u're threated that u can kill everyone and attack ur neighbors.. and again less the Liban, bombin the capital..and again more when u know that the most esbollah people are not in liban but in syrie :-) or better in Iran :-)  we all know that the us are behind it :-) and i'm glad France is still supporting what we think is the best: la paix ( the peace) and yes the 'esbollah have a right of speech, and we have to listen them but they have to be quiet and not violent.

he was for the "OUI" to the european constitution ( wich was a good thing to my point of view for the european union) ..

but the french tend to be totally dumb sometimes and they voted against chirac instead voting for a constitution..so Logical..

and today, Chirac said on air that what mister dwarf napo was saying was just a shit. yes we wont change the special regimes and we wont follow the us like some submissive other nations ( ohh see the eaters of jelley) that France is the equal of the usa not a submissive country..so i can just say today VIVE CHirac, Vive la France AND vive La Liberté !


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Haven't heard what he told on the radio but somehow I quite agree with your opinion. I was part of those who were kind of forced to vote for Chirac a few years ago ( remember a monster called Le pen?) alothough I didn't share his quite conservative viion of the french development. A few monthes after, I was quite proud though, as you, when he stood up against bush, the us and half part of the world to highlight the cruelness and dumbness of a military invasion in irak - too peacefull to aploze those kind of strategies. Also proud to be part of a country that cares about african disaster and calms down tensions between jews and muslims. I do not agree with his conservative way of thinking about politics but still, gratefull to him for having not forgotten thoses who would have never voted for him, but did with a humanistic vision of dealing with international affairs.

Écrit par : calimero | 18/09/2006

awww thats a so cute comment hunnie :-) and i'm glad u share that humanistic vision of the world :-)
i didnt want to vote chirac for some reasons but in 2002 i was also and like u forced to vote for him ( hey he got 82% of the vote ) but yes i was really glad and i'm grateful for what he has done :-)but now we have to find someone else able to follow that vision of the world and that vision of what France has to do :-) and sure Mister Sarko is not that person :-)

Écrit par : cervelle hachée | 18/09/2006

I do agree with you as well but on some different points. I sure am glad to be French when our president has the courage to stand up in front of the world's first nation and kick this dumbie's (also commonly called the world's most powerful man)ass! Even more when he does shit like what he did in the Middle East!!
I sure share Chirac's conservative point of view on lots of things (some of course not... especially his opinion on homos ;-)) but I have to say that he has disappointed me a lot recently. Sure, most french people are dumb, careless and stubborn (not saying that for u darlinguueeehhh); sure, they don't give a shit about something else than their RTT, 35 heures, 37 ans and all that kind of crap, but hey! Chirac has been taking all of us (even those who were on his side) for fools!
I was pro-CPE and all that but have you seen his speeches regarding this issue ??? It was a shame! didn't even deserve the name of "speech to the French nation"
In my view (yes even as a "blondasse écervelée" I do have an opinion about serious matters coz i feel concerned), his main problem (which has been the most visible thing since the Raffarin administration) is communication. He sure needs better advice on communation...
However, you could still be impressed by his foreign affairs stuff, and by his presence on the international stage.
And about sarko, you know my opinion.....

Écrit par : Julien | 20/09/2006

que sarko mange de la merde et nous la revomis a la télé??

Écrit par : cervelle hachée | 20/09/2006

franchement t'exxagères!!!
jte met un bo commentaire et toi tu trouves qu'à critiquer mon ami sarko!!! qu'est ce que t'as contre lui d'abord!!! apart son nom et son nez!!!
tete de mule va!!! mais c'est pour ca que jt'aime bien lol
doit etre sm sur les bords tu crois pas ?

Écrit par : Julien | 20/09/2006

Alors si j'ai bien compris (oui je fais des efforts) : en gros tu ressens comme du respect pour Chirac. C'est marrant comme on peut ressentir les mêmes choses des fois. Malgré toutes les vilaines choses qui se disent et les vilaines choses qu'il a pu faire, de même je ressens du respect pour cet homme. C'est bizarre...peut-être est-ce parce que c'est la première fois que je votais avec tant de conviction (en même temps yavait pas trop de choix) !! Mais même au premier tour j'ai voté pour lui alors... En tout je pense qu'il a fait bouger des choses quand même..et qu'il ne se laisse pas abattre ! Alors merci Chichi :p:)

Écrit par : ta naine | 21/09/2006

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