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WHat is love?

Aww yes , The life seems to be full of Love.. Love seems to be everywhere... but what is love?

i wonder that in a complex period of my life .. as u know i'm soon out of my "home" .. i'm gonna leave my home sweet home and i feel a bit like upset and worry about it ..

i do love my parents, even my mom ( and only God knows how i wish her death :))

and i love my sis too .. and i just cant imagine me like living abroad.. and yet , this is surely whats gonna happen really soon ..

sure, maybe i'lD win some stuff changing of country ..and all .. and again more  being with someone i can love ( héhé) ..

i know i'ld be like " alone" even if i also know i wldt be really alone..

wld i change of family? would he be like my dad and mom? or should i evolve and live by myself..

but hey , i dont wanna grow up ..

so i just wonder today if what i do feel can be called love..cause i dont really know ..

i do like to speak with him and being with him .i feel safe when i do hear his voice, when he is speaking to me.. and our first night was like so special ( mostly cause each time i wake up he was looking at me , damn this guy never sleeps)

it seems to be "love" but can we speak about "love" if we dont live really with the person? like do you really know someone if u didnot sleep and had days/weeks with it? 

the weird thing is that , sure in a way i'm really worry about leaving my family,my country and my friends..but i do feel like i shld be safe to leave it for something again better.

so in what moment could i speak about love? am i too young to know what the real love is? or am i livin it and i dont even know? is the love just an anticipation/dream for the future and we do believe in it to be feel safe? can we build something with love?



Love Is...

I have read your post on 'what is love?' It is such a difficult question indeed. And indeed most of us, who read this fantastic blog of yours, are still too young to know exactly what love is. I do not intend to be a 'know-all' but I believe that in my 21 years of existence I have come to know what love is. Let me share with you what I think love is:

In my life I have never been in love before. There is your fisrt difference. There is one major difference: to love someone and to be in love with someone. Let me comment on the first. Love has so many values. There are so many different types of love. There is the love one has for family. Love one has for friends. Love one has for other human beings. Love on has for those close to your heart. Love one has for a partner and lust-love, the love you feel simply to be with another in a sexual way.

I do not have the space or time to explain all of these types, but let me comment on a few. The love one has for family and other human beings are a love that is controlled by our memories. We tend to love those whom with we have walked a long road with. They have always been there for us and so we simply cannot forget them. They are close to us and what we are used to, thus we love them and this love can and will never break.

The second love is love that we have for those close to our hearts and our friends. Because they have not always been there with us, we see them as a way to get out, and get perspective on life. We want to get to know them. We want to share our thoughts and feelings with them. But most of all, we enjoy being with them, simply because it gives us pleasure, makes us smile and laugh and gives us a good time. This love is not perfect and once trust is broken and expectations not met, then we tend to fall out of love in this regard.

The second last love is lust-love. And boy oh boy have I experienced this love in my life before...? So many times. This is not love! This is simply a desire to be with someone sexually and once this desire is satisfied, nothing is to come of it. No relationship will ever develop. This brings me to the last type of love... to love in such a way that a relationship will follow...

True love is what I would like to call, not to love, but to be in love. There is a deifference. Love is a feeling. Being in love on the other hand is an emotion. Being in love is what I would like to call the ride of life. When you are in love with someone, this person will fill your days and nights and every second in between. This person will make your heart beat faster and slower at the same time. This person will make you smile, light up your days and fill your heart with leaping joy. In this person's eyes you see a clear future, hopes and dreams. This person is the one who you would not mind to wake up next to every single morning of your life. This is the person who knows you better than you know yourself. The person who cares for you like no other, puts you on a pedistal and tell you every single day how much he or she loves you. This is the person who never makes you cry, never lets you down and gives you hopes and dreams like no other.

What am I saying? Being in love comes from the heart. Once your heart tells you how much he loves this person, aching when you are not with him or her, leaping when you hear this person's name, skips a beat whenever you see him or her... This is your heart speaking and listening to it and following it, that is what I would like to call, being in love.

Someone once told me that 'to be in love means never having to say you are sorry.' Celine Dion also sings of this in several of her songs: "love does not ask why" and "I'm not sorry for my love" is but to mention a few. Love is a feeling and feelings you can even have for your beloved pet. But being in love is an emotion, one we cannot exist without.

In conclution this simply means that there is a difference between to love someone and to be in love with someone. This further means that being in love is not reserved for him-her. So too can a man be in love with another man. Being in love is listening and following your heart. We cannot choose who makes our heart beat faster and slower at the same time - nor can we deside who to be in love with and who not. My advice is... stop fussing too much about it. Let it be! Follow your bliss, sit back and enjoy the ride, for if you take life too seriously you will never get out alive. Being in love is an emotion, ever so sweet. My question is... Are you enjoying it the way you should?

Écrit par : Etienne | 13/09/2006

Waouhh, ca fait très bizarre parce que j'ai l'impression que ce sont deux personnes différentes: celle avec qui je parle un peu et celui qui a écrit cette note...
je suis vraiment en accord avec tout ce qu'a dit Etienne et je pense qu'il a super bien repondu...
mais franchement, j'aimerai bien connaitre aussi celui qui a écrit la note, parler avec lui qd il est là lol...
allez bisous

Écrit par : Julien | 15/09/2006

yes etienne i can just agree with u ..and i feel really glad that u are able to worry about me :-) sweetie boi, and as u know this thing is really complex :-)

Écrit par : cervelle hachée | 16/09/2006

pourquoi penses tu que celui qui a ecrit la note, moi quoi , est different de celui avec qui te parles tous les jours, encore moi quoi ??

Écrit par : cervelle hachée | 16/09/2006

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