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and why not in english?

:-) as u know, i dont like to write or speak english when i can speak french..

i'm proud of my language and i think its one of the most beautiful language in the world :-) full of "lalalala".. and it allows soo many things..

But then there is a prob.. most of my friends are not really able to read the french ( les cons) :-) so i feel a bit forced to translate everything..

but no worries mates :-)

the mean posts and the most important things wld keep the french as language :-) sure who do you think i am :-)Slut or not to be, that's the question :-)

sure the english wont be like the main language of my blog.. french would keep the priority.. and i wld put posts in spanish but also in swedish and arabian :-) ahah for the swedish, u people wld have to wait :-) cause for the moment i'm able to read and to write like a children of 6 yrs old lol



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