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Le 11 septembre signifie-t-il toujours quelque chose?

I wonder...

some years ago, i  just came  back  from high school..i set up the tv to watch the news and the only thing i saw was that burning tower..what the hell was that shit? was it a fiction? with the american all is possible.. but no.. it was not..i felt horrified.. well, as much as the guy commenting that shit...who could attak the superpower? who wld have been able to do it?

at that time of my thoughts.. a second plane crashed down in the second tower of the world trade center..


i was hallucinating..i was worry for jessica and her family,they all live in manhattan..but also for the future...because daring  to attack THE superpower is a thing..but attacking the super power of the western world in another thing...its a certain thing that i felt concerned about it...

and then,all these poor people wich paid  by their innocence a "sin" that they made only by their birth?

cruel injustice..

and what if it has to happen now??would i be full of compassion? unfortunately..i do not believe it..

The USA has deceived me so many times these last years..fighting against the formation of the UNion Européenne,against the icc ( international criminal court) ,not ratifying the agreements of Kyoto, attacking irak: ridiculing UNO several times, lying to the world with the chemical bombs and insulting us saying the irak army is the 3rd bigger army in the world ( sureee), but not only that, also not to enable us to go to help Nola ( la nouvelle orléans), but also the american are able to elect ( hey u speak about democracy ahahah) twice a guy able to struggle himself with bretzels and able to give the freedom to the french fries... ( did he ask to the french fries if it wanted to be free ??) and this is what u call the " super power"???and when u realize ( thanks to some people and journalists) that even the attacks of the 11th of sept were not really made by the terrorists but by the us government, how to react??

should i have compassion??? yes sure, i should, i'm human and innocent people should never die...but do i have compassion for the american nation? not any more.

Today, the american nation deserve to pay for their boastfulness, their lack of respect of the whole world, their natural selfishness, the one they showed since the 1st world war: they didnt help us for our happiness! they helped us for them, we should not delude.  

am i anti-american?by reading this note.. you could believe it ! and yet , i'm not :-) Only God knows how i love so many americans, that i think their culture is really fine and easy to spread in the whole world, and that this  pseudo-nation is quite genial.

  Today we  celebrated the birthday of this sad tragedy.. and I felt like  no compassion any more.. in fact for me the american have  largely caught up, to not say  even quadrupled what they  had received( in a bad way ) 

must one still support the americains?

I do not speak about a honest and blind  support  like  the English way .we can live without the United States, but not without Europe. England is an angular stone which for the moment benefits from its position among the USA and the ue.  but we cant delude, that this wont last. I am happy and proud that France was opposed to the americains, at least with the american government . and for sure in cas of a conflic we would support the US, and again...this is depending on the context. but whatever we say,   the americains remain our cousins.

 but for me, i do not care, unfortunately, of what could happen to them right now..i will keep my eyes closed.

The future is, nowadays and for me, in UE. in this beautiful entity we are trying ( with difficulties) to build in peace.

Peace is the future and now the us doesnt represent the peace any more.

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