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Le stress des exams? tu parles

nah i was not at all stressed :-)
So i'm just out of my exam :-)
political philosophy ...amazing .. the subject of the exam was : The law and the Freedom ( related to the Kant's theory)
sooooooo interesting !!
and i dunno if did it well :-)( surely not =)
so i answered :first part :
shld we be free to have rights?
so i wrote about the meaning of the freedom by B constant ( old F and modern F ) and about the " autonomy" of people, like the " active people" ( no women no children no blacks) and blabla
second part :
do the rights help to keep us free?
In that part i wrote about the "positive right", about the doctrine of law of kant, and about the civilian society of hegel and  rousseau for sure  with the aim of the Nature...
and also about the jurists not allow to critize the rules/law whereas the philosofmen can :-)
third part:
the conception of human rights and humanity's right :)
blabla the tree with morality, law, basic rights, and the DDHC ( déclaration des droits de l'homme et du citoyen) <== u people shld learn french coz this wont be translated :-)
and then i explained the french revolution like to relate it with the right of freedom .. for alll the uniiiiverse .. but sooo diff of the right of humanity coz this last one is related to the dignity <== so important for kant.
to conclude i finished by writing that maybe it ws a thing for westerner that it was not adapted for all cultures in the world, that i shld have taken the possibility of explainin why the law and the freedom cant be really related .. and i opened the subject speaking about rousseau and thath maybe to give the freedom its gonna allow more apathy from the people and that the " destiny of mother Nature" wont be reached.

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