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an english version?

This is a bit weird :-) some people dont really speak the french language .. a shame dont u think so?medium_flagaustralie.gif
so i decided that sometimes i'll add some articles in english :-) not because i feel the pity towards this sooooooooo dumb fucked foreigners not able to speak our sooo beautiful language !!medium_flagusa.gif
sure, i'm not saying that to other europeans :-) i'm just a bit on nerves against the american .. and u surely know what i'm talking about !medium_flageire.gif
so maybe , or shld i say surely my argumentation about the us and israel against lebanon s gonna be in english :-)
cause i do think there are some stuff which needs to be said about that stupid conflict !
so as u see i'm givin the flag of all english speaking countries :-)
uk,  australie, the us , republic of ireland, new zealand, medium_flagafrique.gifsouth africa and even canada :-)
well i shld thank all my french friends and other who dont really like to read english and again more in a french weblog !!
but then maybe we have to think about being read by the whole world :-) AHAHAHAH i makye myself laughing.. i shld write in chinese then  !! as if english was the international language !! it is as much as the french bitchiess !!! ahah u thought i was being kind !! nahhhhh
lol kiss kiss to all

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