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This is my love :-)
all in english just for u sweetie !she is livin in Colorado and she is as smart as beautiful ( and what breats hehe)i know i know her for life now cause she is on the best adequation with me !! how things would be different??SHE IS as crazy as me and sooo beautiful !! she loves to fall in love with gays :-) lmao lol dunno why !! she is full of life and so sensitive whatever she said.. she is my sissoul :-) i'm sure she knows it .

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Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Darling! Je t'adore! You are my soulmate! I love you sooo much and you are my angel.
~Jenn~ XOXO

Écrit par : Jenn | 04/12/2005

yossi yane tout comprendre lol

Écrit par : ta naine | 08/12/2005

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